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Divorce and co-parenting issues pose some of the most difficult problems for our clients and the law is not always well-equipped to handle the myriad issues that arise in family law cases.  At BK Miller Law, PLLC, we take a forward-looking, practical approach to resolving difficult family law, divorce, custody, and child support issues that our clients face. If you have a family law issue that you would like to discuss, we are happy to meet with you and determine whether we are a good fit for your needs.

Unlawful Detainer

We understand that many landlords who are fortunate enough to own rental properties do so because they need and rely on the income.  At BK Miller Law, PLLC, we have the experience to represent landlords in residential and commercial eviction (unlawful detainer) proceedings.  Because eviction proceedings are governed by statute in Washington state, the statutes must be followed to the letter which creates a number of potential traps for self-represented landlords and attorneys who lack experience in this area.  What’s more, local court rules and local city ordinances must also be strictly followed when trying to lawfully evict a tenant and a failure to do so can result in months of lost rental income. If you are a landlord with a tenancy-related issue, we would be happy to speak with you.

Department Of Licenses Hearings

Our attorneys have argued and won numerous Department of Licensing Hearings on behalf of clients whose ability to drive was at risk.  Driving is crucial to many of us who need to make a living. In areas such as Kitsap County, Jefferson County, and Mason County that do not have the benefit of robust public transportation systems, one’s ability to drive legally can be the difference between keeping a roof over one’s head and not.

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